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"Para Mí" is an Urban Latin Pop song inspired by a true story.


You see everyone deserves to be happy, but not just anyone can make you happy.


It's easy to doubt yourself when a relationship doesn't work out. Was it your fault? No. It didn't work out with him because you were meant for me.

A lover and a fighter, a New Yorker and Latino, an intellect and an artist, Papi Shank is The SUM of Both Worlds. 


Both a lyricist and vocalist, Moises Morales, aka Papi Shank (P.S.), refuses to silo himself into any one genre, style, or skill set, and has been redefining what it means to be an artist for over a decade now. You can hear his wordsmith displayed on his Hip-Hop single, “Crown Me,” he serenades audiences with his RnB and Pop ballads, such as “Better Man” and “Work On It,” and Papi Shank celebrates his cultural background as a Latinx American by rapping and singing in both English and Spanish on the Latin EDM single “SEXTRO.”


From sold out concerts and international tours, to mainstream radio airplay, magazine covers, and endorsement deals, P.S. isn’t new to the limelight. And though he’s spent the last several years behind the scenes, Papi Shank has the mic again.


One thing I find missing in today's Hip-Hop is authenticity.


I've been there, done that. It's been over a decade since I ran the streets; Five years since I graduated at the top of my class with my second degree; Seven years since my last endorsement deal; Eight years since my last major tour. I disappeared before streaming took over, so with "Crown Me," I set out to reintroduce myself.


A lot may have forgotten about me. Most never heard of me. That doesn't mean I don't deserve to be crowned.

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