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A lover and a fighter, a New Yorker and Latino, an intellect and an artist, Papi Shank is The SUM of Both Worlds. 


Both a lyricist and vocalist, Moises Morales, aka Papi Shank (P.S.), refuses to silo himself into any one genre, style, or skill set, and has been redefining what it means to be an artist for over a decade now. You can hear his wordsmith displayed on his Hip-Hop single, “Crown Me,” and the 'East Coast G-House' singles “Kaboom” and Toma." He serenades audiences with his RnB and Pop ballads, such as “Better Man” and “Work On It.” P.S. lent his vocals and experiences of growing up in NYC’s Lower East Side (L.E.S.) to assist on Fokis’ album title track "Welcome to the Ghetto.” And Papi Shank celebrates his cultural background as a Latinx American on his Urban Latin Pop single "Para Mí," and by rapping and singing in both English and Spanish on the Latin EDM single “SEXTRO” by BASHH X Kapo X Sanity. 


In the mid 2000s, Papi Shank’s notoriety shot up in response to his Illegal Remixes Mixtapes, which earned him the alias MrRmX. Soon, DJ’s at Hot 97.1FM and Power 105.1FM in NYC, 93.3FM in Binghamton, Power 96.5FM in Florida, 89.1FM in Canada, and many other radio stations began playing his music on the air. This led to P.S. being booked to perform live at clubs and events both locally and internationally; from sold out concerts at The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, floats at the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, and the La Mega Stage at the 116th St. Puerto Rican Festival in Harlem, to being the first Hip-Hop act with a headlining residency at the number one nightclub in the world, Amnesia in Ibiza Spain, for the Sophisticated Funk Tour.


After releasing several other successful mixtapes, P.S. physically released his debut album, The SUM of Both Worlds, Papi, Pt.1. The album was well received, and with it came clothing and energy drink endorsement deals; magazine cover features and write ups with critics saying, “Papi Shank is a talented songwriter and singer, his romantic lyrics will touch the hearts of many people in both the English and Spanish market.” - Madelyn Rodriguez (TV Journalist). Samara Riviera (Get Out! Magazine) wrote, “To say he is a talent would be an understatement...“If you haven't seen [Papi Shank] have no idea what you are missing.” 


Papi Shank toured for most of 2012 and 2013, before deciding to go back to college while at the height of his music career. Already having a Music Production degree from QCC, he enrolled in Baruch College where he earned the distinction of serving as the recipient of the symbolic degree given by the Dean of his school for graduating at the top of his class (4.0 GPA), with a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. Though he intended to return to music, his education opened new business opportunities which culminated in a successful real estate career. And yet, with all of this momentum propelling Moises, the 2020 pandemic brought the NYC real estate industry to a halt. In the silence, he realized what was really missing in his life was music.


An ‘80’s baby raised in the L.E.S. during the ‘90s, Moises grew up around drugs, alcohol, and violence. With street smarts and a hunger for knowledge, an innate love for music and a desire to be more, he refused to be a product of his environment. TKA, Mase, Boyz II Men, Big Pun, Stevie B, DMX, Lauren Hill, R Kelly, Method Man, Joe, and Eminem were the artists on the soundtrack of his early years. Papi Shank has the mic now.

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